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                          For the 10th Anniversary of Haiwei Liquor Trading Market,Enrolling 1,000 Personal Members


                            Haiwei Liquor Trading Market was established in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone on August 26, 2009.After 10 years of honest operation, it completed the market layout of the National Free Trade Zone and Bonded Trade Zone.Also, Haiwei have established long-term strategic cooperation with nearly 60 quality wineries, covering France, Italy, Australia, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Brazil, Portugal, Germany and other major wine producing countries. There are more than 200 intentional cooperative wineries and more than 30 international wine brands trademarks. It has develop more than 300 Direct Distributor Member, marketing network channels covered major cities across the country, and built Haiwei Internet Mall to meet the online and offline purchasing needs of consumers. Haiwei liquor trading market insists on the idea of operating real wine inside and outside the industry,The national consumer is widely recognized, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs, the Free Trade Zone Management Committee and other government official websites and more than 300 authoritative media have long-term reports on the business philosophy and development status of the Haiwei liquor trading market.

                            23,000 square meters cross-border e-commerce complex invested and by in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone

                            Haiwei Liquor Trading Market constructed a 23,000 square meters cross border e-commerce plaza, a limited land resource in free trade zone, which enjoys special preferential and beneficial policies of Bonded Trade Zone, Cross- border E-commerce Area, and Free Trade Zone. It target to Cross-border Direct sales, Exhibition and Sale, Co-working Office, Parallel Import Car Exhibiting and Trading, Cold Chain Warehouse Management System, Business, Logistics.

                            On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the operation of Haiwei Liquor Trading Market, in order to give back to the society and the support of consumers, it is decided to enrol 1,000 personal members on the basis of continuing to develop direct sales members in 2019.personal members do not need exhibition halls, have self-use needs, social activity circle needs, or investment channels to register, that is, enjoy the membership rights and the nationwide investment points rebate。 In addition, the company has formulated relevant preferential feedback policies for all the people who have supported and participated in the development of Haiwei Liquor Trading Market. More elites are welcome to participate in Haiwei's development and share of results.

                            Haiwei Liquor Trading Market Promise and fulfills the Publicity slogan of “Haiwei Liquor, genuine wine to have a future full of promise”,and set it as business objectives. It provide the most legal and fastest trading platform for international wine and spirits products enter Chinese market. Also, Haiwei provides all the members a low input, high return, and Zero risk career platform. Provide a most Legitimate, directly selling, safety and high quality international wine and spirits platform for all consumers.

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