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                          In order to change the non-standardized operation of domestic imported-wine market and guide the market into a legal, standardized and regulated operation, Haiwei Liquor Trading Market was established under the support of the Commerce Ministry of China. It’s the most legal international wine trading platform in China with sustainable development. It conducts chain operation in free trade zones nationwide and adopts a mode of unified customs clearance, unified inspection & quarantine, unified distribution, unified operation and management. With outlet centers in districts and counties throughout China, Haiwei changes the traditional mode of multi-agencies and brings to Chinese consumers original liquor products from international wineries directly after customs clearance and distributing to outlet centers. Haiwei applies the mechanism for selecting the superior and eliminating the inferior to ensure Chinese consumers to obtain international liquor products which are “legitimately imported, direct selling, safe, of fine quality.” Haiwei also makes a promise that it will compensate a hundred times price if anyone finds out fake products in Haiwei. Welcome to join in Haiwei Liquor Trading Market’s Supplier Members to enter your products into Chinese market quickly and to build the wines into famous brands.


                          ◆ CONDITIONS
                          To join in Haiwei Liquor Trading Market’s Supplier Members, following conditions can be met:
                          1. Being international wine producers or general exporters; Permanent control of wines’ allocation.
                          2. Stable, sufficient and long-term supply ability.

                          ◆ Advantages for suppliers’ wines entering Chinese market through Haiwei:
                          1.  Risk-free: Haiwei is the most legitimate, professional and standardized trading platform for international wines, providing one-stop service.
                          2. Geographical Advantage: Haiwei adopts chain operation in China’s free trade zones, from which the operation costs are reduced and the operation efficiency is improved.
                          3. Nationwide Direct Selling: Haiwei establishes outlet centers in districts and counties nationwide, helping international wines to march into Chinese market rapidly.
                          4. Convenient Customs Clearance: Haiwei enjoys preferential treatment on commodity inspection and customs clearance, as well as preferential policies. All these are also enjoyed by its supplier members.
                          5. Quality Guaranteed: The business mode of Haiwei protects the original quality and thus greatly enhances the core competitiveness.
                          6. High-end Promotion: Haiwei enjoys high-end promotion approaches, such as government press release, national expo, exhibition in free trade zones nationwide, wine tasting party, TV media, press media and network media as well.
                          7. Influence: Haiwei has gained much recognition from government at all levels, media, market and consumers and has become the leader of China’s liquor market. It is the high-end platform for international wines to march into Chinese market for building brands.

                          ◆ Achievements
                          1. Enjoy mature resources: Haiwei Liquor Trading Market will act as a representative in China for you, and you will immediately enjoy a mature sales network, which helps your products to gain recognition from the market.
                          2. Building permanent brands: Haiwei Liquor Trading Market will make long-term planning for your wines and will exert advantages of platform, model, policy and team and create the most authoritative wine brands.


                          ---- Becoming a supplier member of Haiwei liquor Trading Market, getting the easiest way to brand yourself  in Chinese market nationwide and  grow your profits substantially.


                          For all Supplier Members Service enquiries please call or email:

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                          For any complains and suggestions in all other areas please email:

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