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                          In order to change the chaotic situation of Chinese imported-wine market and lead it into a legal and standardized operation, Haiwei Liquor Trading Market was established under the support of the Commerce Ministry of PRC. Haiwei Liquor Trading Market is the only legal international wine & spirits trading platform in China with sustainable development. Haiwei conducts chain operation in Free Trade Zones nationwide and sets up outlets all over China. Haiwei Liquor Trading Market changed the traditional multi-agency trading model. And after legal import customs clearance, Haiwei distributes the wines from the international wineries directly to the outlets to sell to the consumers. Haiwei’s unified distribution and management ensure Chinese consumers to get “legal, direct-selling, safe, premium quality”  international wine & spirits. Haiwei promises that it will compensate a hundred times price if anyone finds out fake products in Haiwei.

                          The headquarter of Haiwei Liquor Trading Market is located in Shenzhen, China. The branch markets are located in five Free Trade Zones of Tianjin, Shantou, Ningbo, Qingdao and Haikou. Haiwei Liquor Trading Market have warehouses with tempreture control in the Free Trade Zones, which eradiate all cities in China.

                          Haiwei Liqor Trading Market has outlets in cities all over China and now nearly 200 outlets are set up. And the number of the outlets is going to increase to 500 to 1000 in two years, forming a nationwide sales network. Haiwei Liquor Trading Market has unified brand image management to all the outlets. And all the outlets have professional marketing group. The consumer group includes government purchasing, group purchasing, hotels, clubs and individuals and etc.

                          International wineries can join in Haiwei Liquor Trading Market and become one of Haiwei’s supplier members. Through Haiwei, the international wineries can export their wines to Chinese market, enjoy all kinds of mature resources and nationwide direct-selling network of Haiwei Liquor Trading Market, enter Chinese market rapidly, build wine brands and enjoy long-term development and benefit.

                          Haiwei Liquor Trading Markets in Free Trade Zones

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                          Warehouses with tempreture and humidity control in Free Trade Zones

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